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02. Privacy & Data Protection

How do you prevent your company data from being tampered with or getting into the hands of third parties? How do you protect the data of your customers and employees?

Grinta answers your small or large security and privacy issues.

Our experts guide you step by step towards a mature security and privacy policy.

Totally at your pace.

Based on a five-step plan, we ensure that your company quickly respects the GDPR guidelines:

We respect your privacy!

Grinta has a thorough knowledge and has extensive practical experience in privacy.

Grinta is a partner and director of Lexit CVBA, the largest independent cooperative consultancy that specializes in offering privacy and information security solutions and services to comply with AVG legislation (known under GDPR). With 12 partners, 26 privacy consultants (IT and Cyber ​​Security) and lawyers, Lexit offers advice and solutions in the field of privacy. The network has far-reaching contacts with reputed privacy experts throughout Europe and far beyond.


1. Raise everyone's awareness

To make your employees aware of privacy, there are many options: from training, workshops and internal communication to phishing campaigns.

2. Auditing

We map your current working methods and procedures through an initial audit.

3. Risk Analysis

A risk analysis is performed on the basis of the MAPGOOD standard to map the risks and residual risks.

4. Align and implement

Our experts study and discuss how your organization collects, stores and manages personal data. We summarize the results in a report that also contains an action plan. We are also happy to work out that plan for you, in accordance with our "Privacy by design" methodology.

5. Implement and follow up

Together with you we can implement the recommendations and write the policies and processes. Moreover, our experts can train your staff in 'best practices'. And of course we can also act as a DPO or Privacy Officer, who assists your organization in all matters related to privacy and data protection, but also closely monitors all evolutions.

 Privacy & Data Protection Consultancy

Need GDPR advice or training?

Grinta specializes in consulting, training and auditing. Is your company still struggling with various GDPR problems and you don't know where to start? Or do you only need advice for certain issues? Demonstrating that you are involved with GDPR and that you are working on it give a clear signal that you as a company are handling your data efficiently and transparently, and that there is a fast organization behind it. It is important to start with a good plan, to cover the basic aspects, and to work on the internal structure.