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Grinta Consultancy

Our vision

We are driven by our entrepreneurial spirit. The drive to repeatedly take initiative and discover opportunities, is what characterizes Grinta. Entrepreneurship is a matter of passion to move forward and grow, we experience that ourselves every day. Our ultimate goal is to guide our customers and offer added value in the development of their business based on extensive expertise and know-how.


We are convinced that we can make a difference with our specialized knowledge and personal approach for companies.

Grinta Consultancy

Founded in 2008

In addition to Grinta, Gogme, a Yiddish term that mainly occurs in football and which means: wisdom, intellect, knowing where you should be or standing, also typifies us. The sum of both terms gives Grinta its own DNA. Diego and Cindy, both owners of Grinta, have many years of experience behind the wheel.


Cindy is the person who mainly deals with the Web Design business units. Cindy designs and maintains trendy websites in many sectors, ranging from law firms to web shops.


Diego is more concerned with the Recruitment and Privacy business units. Together with Cindy he had his own selection office for about 10 years, was a member of the Board of Directors at Federgon (RSS commission) and is co-owner of Lexit / GDPR Masters, a consultancy firm specialized in privacy and GDPR. For this he works closely with a team of lawyers, lawyers, IT specialists and Cyber ​​Security specialists. He developed a Saas solution that enables companies to coordinate their information security and "GDPR accounting" in a structured way. In the field of Recruitment, Diego can be described as the Flemish Gordon Ramsey who helps recruitment companies in a no-nonsense way to distinguish themselves from their colleagues in a competitive market.

With a passion for entrepreneurship

Diego & Cindy


Our Partners

About Lexit

Partner specialized in privacy and information security solutions

Lexit is the largest independent cooperative consulting firm that specializes in offering privacy and information security solutions and services to comply with AVG legislation (known under GDPR). The offices are located in Zaventem and Bruges. Our 12 partners, 26 privacy consultants (IT and Cyber ​​Security) and lawyers offer advice and solutions in the field of privacy.


As a specialist, Lexit is at home in matters related to data security. When it comes to compliance, Lexit will delve into the (changing) laws and regulations and give them a place in its normative framework.


(Albert Einstein)


Value 01.

Targeted Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship starts with vision. As an entrepreneur you have to be able to answer four questions: what is your higher goal, what are the core values ​​of your company, what is your ambition and what are your core activities?

If you really do what you believe in and what suits you, then you can only be successful. Whoever works for money alone will never remain successful.

We help create measurable and sustainable value. We work in a simply unusual way, from vision and strategy to realizing and improving. And from leadership development to branding and innovation.

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